Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Pouting Biker Babe? Totally!

I'm sitting in Starbucks pouting, yes, and pretty envious.

This is the first year I've missed Street Vibrations in Reno. Sucks. Totally.

I love the ride down and back. I love the rides around there. I love the energy, the vendors, the other bikers, the music, beer (ok, maybe, for me, not so much), and the bikes!

I scroll through Facebook and see all of my friends posting pics, and NOT liking it!

Most of all, I miss being on my bike.

A few pics from years past are keeping me occupied.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Motorcycle Awareness, Respect, and Education

It never fails. A biker goes down and people begin to tell stories. Most certainly embellished, of accidents they've heard of, you know, "friends of friends." They speak of the danger of riding a Harley, or other bike, shake their heads, and give us "the look." Yet, many times, these are the same people that water ski, snow ski, play hockey, ride quads, have their kids in football, and drive cars.

I had a friend that, a couple of days ago, was speaking of the danger of motorcycles and the stupidity of riders, only to go on and tell the tale of a horrendous car accident he had been in several years ago. It's funny, I saw his car in the parking lot, he seems to be continuing to drive. I'm willing to bet no one told him to stay out of a car, to sell his car, or of the risks of driving.

My dad was a pilot, he saw accidents through the years. He had friends killed, yet he still flew, and people board airplanes everyday. 

There's a shopping strip I frequent where I daily watch as cars, not only fail to stop, they don't even look to see if anyone, any thing, may be coming. Their heads never turn, they're lost in their own world.

Another friend of mine was hurt badly by a horse, yet no one spoke of her stupidity of having horses.

Many of my friends that are doctors, and trauma nurses ride, they know the risk, they see everything. There are dangers everywhere, in whatever you do.

I'm in no way saying there are no riders that make stupid mistakes, there are, just as in everything in life. Fact is each day you get out of bed you're taking a risk.

There is a stigma attached to bikers and motorcycles that needs to be broken. There's education that needs to take place. My kids that have taken driver's ed classes were never taught awareness of motorcycles, deer, kids playing, etc.

Accidents are going to happen in every area of life. Most of the riders I know are very aware of what's around them, when they're riding or driving. We tend to watch more because so many others don't. We see as people are distracted as they drive. We see when cars change lanes in an instant, without notice.

Riders are aware of the dangers, we watch.  We know there may be gravel, or wet leaves, on the road, we're watching for brake lights many cars ahead of us, we scan the road, and our area, we watch for distracted drivers, we watch for animals, rocks and road debris. Most riders are very aware.

Give motorcycles room, don't cut them off, and give them the respect you want given to you, give them the awareness you want given to your children. Be aware, and before you tell a biker all the reasons they shouldn't ride, think of the risks you take each day of your life.

Watch what's around you. It may just be your own life you save, or that of a child you failed to see running after a ball.
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Uncharted Roads

Ok, guys I'm up and running on here! This should be fun....ya know....the biker world and all...LOVE!

I have some awesome things planned for future posts, thinking of some pretty cool people to do some rockin' guest posts, and looking forward to meeting TONS of new people.

When I entered the world of motorcycles, I had no idea how close the community is. In my opinion, bikers, in general, are some of the most wonderful, caring, genuine people I've ever met.

I can't say I've ever met a biker that wouldn't be at my door at 3AM if I needed help, that's just how they roll.

Anyway, be patient with me. I'm still working on adding some things to the layout, but PLEASE share this page with your friends! Followers, I want followers, yes, I AM begging now!

And ideas, posts, anything you want to me, leave ideas in a message. I'll get on it as quickly as I can.

Check out the tabs at the top. They will take you to the Motorcycle Travel America Foundation page, The Twitter Page and the Facebook page

ALSO, there's this really cool link to The Hell And Back Favorite Finalists Photo Contest! Check it out here and VOTE!!

So let's start shall we? Bikers, bikes........maybe sneak in a tattoo from time to time......and a little rock and roll?

Come on guys, join me and lets follow those curves together!
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