Sunday, December 15, 2013

Biker Music.....Oh Yeah!

If I love this, so will you! Jump Guys!

Here is it, straight from the man himself, close friend of mine and avid supporter of MTAF:

My new Cd "Savage Steel" is an unplugged back porch Harley BBQ album with an acoustic guitar, fiddle, harmonica & mandolin. We've been jamming the tunes & the sound makes my hair stand on end!
Your having a great backyard BBQ with some biker pals when in rides Pat Savage with his acoustic guitar on his back. He grabs a whiskey and sits down on the porch to play for all of your guests! Soon one of his pals rolls in with his fiddle and joins him on the porch! Soon another brother rolls in joining the duo with his harmonicas!
You get 4 of my award winning Harley themed albums right now by direct download plus my new "Savage Steel" Cd for just $24.99!
No waiting on the mailman as you get them right now, load them directly to your office/home computer, burn discs for bike, car truck or HOG clubhouse! Load them to your I Phone or Android.
I'll throw in some posters too if you want to blow me up on your wall
Pat "Doc" Savage
Take a listen & buy directly at the website or inbox your email address here

A little taste of the awesomeness:

I Gotta Ride!!

Check this out as well guys.....yeah, guess who made it? Heck yeah!

Biker Babes!!

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