Monday, February 10, 2014

Fenders, Bikes And Culinary Bliss

Purely by fate, Divine intervention, ok, well, a pre-planned business meeting, I wouldn't have found out about this incredible, yes, incredible, new totally cool, biker cafe.

You read that correctly, "biker" cafe, and brew pub, in the Woodstock district of Portland.

Michael Thomas, and his wife Berenice, have upped the bar for biker joints by creating Fenders Moto Cafe and Brew Pub.

They opened their brainchild a couple of months ago, and I think it's gonna be a huge success. They've poured their hearts and souls into Fenders and it shows.

From the decor, to the food, and their aspiration to have a place "where Motorcycle enthusiast could go and meet and enjoy the company of other people with the same passion" is now reality.

I was there again today for a lunch meeting and it's amazing. The food rocks. The price point is perfect, and it feels like home. Michael, the owner, is friendly, dedicated and "real."

I cannot wait for summer bike nights this season and to hang with friends, drool over bikes, and enjoy their awesome food.

I took a few pictures for you, if you're around the area, go say hey and see for yourself, you will love it!

And, these are my opinions, they didn't pay me for this, I simply had to share my experience with you, because I think it is awesomness!

Rock on!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Come On, Explore The Portlnd Area A Bit

I shall now issue a public apology, write this stuff down people, for me, this is a HUGE step! Ha!

I have been consumed with life, family issues, and attempting to figure out mysteries of the universe in this crazy, pin-ball like, mind of mine, and I have slacked on this blog.

Envision this, if you will, I am now humbly bowing in your presence, asking your forgiveness, and I shall graciously accept.

Ok, got that out of the way. Thanks for understanding that life, at times, makes choices for us that keep us from our obligations and passions.

So let's dive in here. I have some rides to share that many of you may know of, some may not, but this incredible sunshine, and these balmy January temperatures, have me in a riding state of mind.

Yesterday, as I drove from meeting to meeting, the scintillating radiance, mostly unknown this time of year, of the brilliant sunlight cascaded through the sunroof of my car, warming my face and awakening a compulsion I usually bury in the more wet, cold months of our climate.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I hear all the time, "If your don't ride year round, you're not a biker." Well, I call BS. In the Great Pacific Northwest, wet leaves, gravel left from providing traction in icy areas, and just plain ick, cover the roads.

Many of the corners here are blind, and I, for one, am not going to be surprised by sliding through a deep patch of slippery, wet, leaves, gravel, or whatever else may be the cause my demise, or worse yet, damage to my bike, I kinda love it. I've gone down once, no fault of my own, and really don't relish the idea of lying in my bed for another six months unable to move, or worse. Safety, guys, safety, as Motorcycle Travel America stresses.

However, I couldn't help but let my mind wander, and relive wonderful rides I've taken, and some yet to explore, here in the beautiful region in which I live. I wanted to clue you in to a few, just in case you haven't experienced some of them, as well as some local watering holes that are biker friendly. 

I think one of my favorite rides is taking HWY 14 in Washington down the Columbia. The scenery and twists and turns, are beautiful. It's not a difficult ride, but it's beautiful. I usually stop at The Big River Grill in Stevenson for a bite and something to drink. Both the service and the food are pretty amazing. Then continue on, usually to the Dalles, because I, being a chicken, HATE the Bridge of the Gods. Grated steel bridges creep me out. Whatever, laugh at me, it's cool, I'm used to it. The ride back to Portland on I-84 is amazingly beautiful with it's carved mountains, flowing river and palette of colors.

You can also cross over in Hood River, back into Oregon, and ride south on 35 to 26. That ride will take you around Mt. Hood. It's about 150 miles from Portland, give or take, and is breathtaking. It's pretty laid back, and once again, views are incredible. A great place to stop and hang a bit is The Full Sail Brewing and Tasting Room in Hood River. Full Sail is also a wonderful place to sit back and watch the kite surfers on the Columbia. Every time I sit and watch them, I'm mesmerized.

Another amazing loop, I've taken many times, begins in Clackamas. It will take you winding down the Clackamas River beginning on 224. Watch the water rush over the boulders on your way to SR-22 and make a stop at Detroit Lake. During the summer, it's busy, lots of bikes, but well worth the ride. Trees are everywhere in this area of the Cascade Forest. Ride along the Santiam Highway to 213 and back up into Oregon City. Grab a brew at McMenamin's, don't forget the fries. Chill a bit and relax while you scroll through your camera enjoying the many pictures you'll undoubtedly take on this incredible journey.

One ride I always look forward to, well, most of the time depending on the time of the year, is riding the Sunset Highway out to Cannon Beach, down the coastline, and on to Tillamook. You can continue on 101 down, and around, up to Cape Meares, back through Tillamook and take HWY 6 up to complete the loop. The ride is filled with twists and turns, trees, waterfalls, and of course you can always make a stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory before heading back on 6. Traffic on the Sunset Highway during the summer months, especially on the weekends, can be heavy heading toward the coast, so a mid week ride would most certainly be a better choice.

Riding the pacific Northwest wouldn't be complete without taking time to follow the roads of the Mt. Saint Helens loop. It's a bit more mileage from the Portland area, around 250 miles, but is well worth the trip. The twists and curves through the Cougar area, and the entire loop, are a challenge at times, but so much fun. The things you'll see and experience will never be forgotten. Off of 205 North, take 500 to 503. You'll see the devastation that remains since the mountain exploded, as well as the re-birth. The mountain is more than impressive and you'll find all types of side trips on your way. There are signs and maps posted everywhere. Many of the signs go into depth of the eruption of the volcano, and the death and new life of the region. The view of the mountain is nothing less than stunning, and you can feel the energy and power of what happened that May day in 1980.

These are only a handful of rides from the Portland area. There's so much more to see and experience. One thing about Oregon, is that there is no shortage of rides bikers will love, and thoroughly enjoy in our little corner of paradise.

Remember all, check out, and join, Motorcycle Travel America. They have so much to offer. You can find out about more great rides, interact with other riders, and plan and share your favorite rides. Best of all, it's free to join, and by joining you're helping show your support of our biker community!

Peace out and safe travels,

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

And While In Bangkok....

I've seen crazy riders before, we all have, right?

Well, I've never seen anything as crazy stupid as some of the riders in Bangkok!

When I first arrived it was surreal in a way, EVERYONE it seems rides these souped up scooters, everyone.

While I was in the secluded area I was staying in, people were cool most of the time, although no one wears helmets, but in Bangkok, OH. MY. GOSH!

It was when I was on the way to the airport in Bangkok that I noticed how unsafe they were.

They were unreal! Cars are just inches apart and scooters, sport bikes, and larger bikes were flying at lightening speed, weaving in and out between cars like mad. I'd never seen anything like it.

I don't mean, not turning to see what was behind them, or to their side, not using turn signals, or even mirrors, I mean ZIPPING wildly through traffic at the speed of sound. They were like cockroaches scattering when the lights are turned on, and NO helmets!

I know people have differing views on helmets, and I'm of the opinion that a helmet is a MUST. I was watching these people, old and young, not just making their way through traffic, but endangering everyone around them, including themselves, and everyone wore shorts and sandals. Have you seen a foot of someone that's been injured while wearing sandals? Not a pretty sight.

The people I was riding with were telling me to watch for the white chalk lines, which more than likely were signs of a scooter/bike related deaths. They were everywhere.

Guys, safety has to come first. Helmets, DOT approved, the correct protective gear like proper boots, leathers, and glasses. Be aware of your surroundings and protect your space. Maybe in Bangkok cars are used to bikers of all types riding unsafely, but we really need to be watchful.

Life is too valuable not to be. Respect the the lives of everyone around you, including your own.

Be safe and peace out,
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Monday, January 6, 2014

Riding the World!

A chance of a lifetime has dropped into my lap.

I have been asked, and have accepted,  to be the co-star, and co-producer, of an exciting new motorcycle adventure TV series called "The Savage Roads."

The show will feature bikers' lifestyles around the world. They will take us on their favorite rides, show us the sites, their cultures, and foods of their native lands on our motorcycle rides. It should be quite the adventure!

We will continue to support and promote Motorcycle Travel America on our journeys, which you know aides injured riders and their families in case of a tragic event.

The series creator, world famous biker musician Pat "Doc" Savage, approached me several months ago. After extensive interviews and negotiations, I have moved to production headquarters in beautiful southern Thailand.

I approached Pat about promoting Motorcycle Travel America in MTAF's efforts to spread word of the foundation. He not only was excited, but agreed to do promo shots and we will be sharing the cause throughout the series. Maybe I can even get him to write a song for MTAF?

We will begin pre-production, and organizing, the first six episodes of the series, to be shot in Oceania, which includes Asia, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Then on to conquer the rest of the world, with me on my white and pink Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail! 

I'm living in a new, charming house in the jungle of this beautiful paradise.

The town I'm in is in a crime free zone, it's secluded, and is an extremely safe environment.

There are breathtaking beaches minutes away, as well as awesome shops, restaurants, and of course the perfect Diva massage and fun things, ya know the things I need to survive, even in the jungle.

The hard part is being away from my kids, but with today's technology we're able to have daily contact, and with luck, will be able to have them over to visit soon, and I should be able to be back in the States often.

So, things are getting exciting the Biker Babe's life! I'll keep you all updated and join us on our

Now for a couple of Pat's videos as well as a few pics of my first days in Thailand. Enjoy!

More to come and ready to rock!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Biker Music.....Oh Yeah!

If I love this, so will you! Jump Guys!

Here is it, straight from the man himself, close friend of mine and avid supporter of MTAF:

My new Cd "Savage Steel" is an unplugged back porch Harley BBQ album with an acoustic guitar, fiddle, harmonica & mandolin. We've been jamming the tunes & the sound makes my hair stand on end!
Your having a great backyard BBQ with some biker pals when in rides Pat Savage with his acoustic guitar on his back. He grabs a whiskey and sits down on the porch to play for all of your guests! Soon one of his pals rolls in with his fiddle and joins him on the porch! Soon another brother rolls in joining the duo with his harmonicas!
You get 4 of my award winning Harley themed albums right now by direct download plus my new "Savage Steel" Cd for just $24.99!
No waiting on the mailman as you get them right now, load them directly to your office/home computer, burn discs for bike, car truck or HOG clubhouse! Load them to your I Phone or Android.
I'll throw in some posters too if you want to blow me up on your wall
Pat "Doc" Savage
Take a listen & buy directly at the website or inbox your email address here

A little taste of the awesomeness:

I Gotta Ride!!

Check this out as well guys.....yeah, guess who made it? Heck yeah!

Biker Babes!!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Glorius Day To Ride

It's a gorgeous day here to ride, no wind, no clouds, no rain.

However, I'm kind of stuck. Woke up sick this morning, great start to the day, as if.

I know riding would make everything better, clear my head, allow me to think, be free and hear my heart speak to me.

But not to be, I hate those days when you really need to get out, but your body just won't cooperate, stomach is funky, chills, headache, and all kinds of other stuff.

Plus I'm stuck at the dealership having my car serviced and checked out. I have a bit of business to do as well, all while attempting not to fall asleep.

The thoughts of the open road, either riding alone or behind someone, are what keeping me motivated today. However, I know it's home, to bed, SOA, and lots of blankets for me tonight.

Tomorrow possibly? 

Everyone go check out and like the Motorcycle Travel America Facebook page, as well as The Motorcycle Travel America Foundation page. Biker's supporting bikers. Join up, it's free!

Here's a little copy and paste from the Motorcycle Travel America Foundation page:

"You might only be "thinking" about motorcycle riding and ownership.  We have pictures and stories to make you drool.  You might be contemplating the purchase of a motorcycle.  We have all the information you need to show you how to pick the bike that's right for you and where to buy it, once you decide.  Now that you have your ride, you can find information and links to buy accessories, trailers, locks, insurance, and anything else you can imagine needing to go with that motorcycle you love.

     Once you have everything you want, you are going to want to keep it all safe. We can help you learn the tricks that the veterans know. Then we can show you clubs to join, events to see, how to find people to travel with, and all the best routes to travel. We can show you all that and more. 

     The world of motorcycling is a world of adventure.  We commit to our subscribers that we will constantly be looking for new information, updating old information, and be available to hear what you want to see on this website because its "your" website to utilize and we want it to truly be a one stop, everything you need, experience.  If you don't find what you need here, simply contact us and let us know."

Ride free brothers and sisters, and think of me stuck in bed, cold as hell....
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