Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Glorius Day To Ride

It's a gorgeous day here to ride, no wind, no clouds, no rain.

However, I'm kind of stuck. Woke up sick this morning, great start to the day, as if.

I know riding would make everything better, clear my head, allow me to think, be free and hear my heart speak to me.

But not to be, I hate those days when you really need to get out, but your body just won't cooperate, stomach is funky, chills, headache, and all kinds of other stuff.

Plus I'm stuck at the dealership having my car serviced and checked out. I have a bit of business to do as well, all while attempting not to fall asleep.

The thoughts of the open road, either riding alone or behind someone, are what keeping me motivated today. However, I know it's home, to bed, SOA, and lots of blankets for me tonight.

Tomorrow possibly? 

Everyone go check out and like the Motorcycle Travel America Facebook page, as well as The Motorcycle Travel America Foundation page. Biker's supporting bikers. Join up, it's free!

Here's a little copy and paste from the Motorcycle Travel America Foundation page:

"You might only be "thinking" about motorcycle riding and ownership.  We have pictures and stories to make you drool.  You might be contemplating the purchase of a motorcycle.  We have all the information you need to show you how to pick the bike that's right for you and where to buy it, once you decide.  Now that you have your ride, you can find information and links to buy accessories, trailers, locks, insurance, and anything else you can imagine needing to go with that motorcycle you love.

     Once you have everything you want, you are going to want to keep it all safe. We can help you learn the tricks that the veterans know. Then we can show you clubs to join, events to see, how to find people to travel with, and all the best routes to travel. We can show you all that and more. 

     The world of motorcycling is a world of adventure.  We commit to our subscribers that we will constantly be looking for new information, updating old information, and be available to hear what you want to see on this website because its "your" website to utilize and we want it to truly be a one stop, everything you need, experience.  If you don't find what you need here, simply contact us and let us know."

Ride free brothers and sisters, and think of me stuck in bed, cold as hell....
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  1. Seems like it truly was a gorgeous day. I love how motorcycling liberates you so much.