Monday, January 6, 2014

Riding the World!

A chance of a lifetime has dropped into my lap.

I have been asked, and have accepted,  to be the co-star, and co-producer, of an exciting new motorcycle adventure TV series called "The Savage Roads."

The show will feature bikers' lifestyles around the world. They will take us on their favorite rides, show us the sites, their cultures, and foods of their native lands on our motorcycle rides. It should be quite the adventure!

We will continue to support and promote Motorcycle Travel America on our journeys, which you know aides injured riders and their families in case of a tragic event.

The series creator, world famous biker musician Pat "Doc" Savage, approached me several months ago. After extensive interviews and negotiations, I have moved to production headquarters in beautiful southern Thailand.

I approached Pat about promoting Motorcycle Travel America in MTAF's efforts to spread word of the foundation. He not only was excited, but agreed to do promo shots and we will be sharing the cause throughout the series. Maybe I can even get him to write a song for MTAF?

We will begin pre-production, and organizing, the first six episodes of the series, to be shot in Oceania, which includes Asia, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Then on to conquer the rest of the world, with me on my white and pink Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail! 

I'm living in a new, charming house in the jungle of this beautiful paradise.

The town I'm in is in a crime free zone, it's secluded, and is an extremely safe environment.

There are breathtaking beaches minutes away, as well as awesome shops, restaurants, and of course the perfect Diva massage and fun things, ya know the things I need to survive, even in the jungle.

The hard part is being away from my kids, but with today's technology we're able to have daily contact, and with luck, will be able to have them over to visit soon, and I should be able to be back in the States often.

So, things are getting exciting the Biker Babe's life! I'll keep you all updated and join us on our

Now for a couple of Pat's videos as well as a few pics of my first days in Thailand. Enjoy!

More to come and ready to rock!

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