Saturday, October 5, 2013

Harley Girl Not Happy!

It was amazingly beautiful here in Oregon today. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, it was warm and no wind, a perfect day to ride.

However, this girl couldn't ride and was pretty bummed all day. I fell down the stairs a couple of days ago and was pretty badly injured. There was no way I could have held my bike up, and with pain meds and all, was not even going to chance it. So my Harley Heritage Softail sat alone in the garage, I SO know she wanted to go out too, I could hear her whining a bit.

We don't get a lot of great days like today in October up here in the Pacific Northwest, so I did what I do best when I can't ride, I pouted. Then looked at my Harley and pouted some more.

Hopefully the weather will hold, I will mend and be out there again before weather here gets ugly.

Until then, I'll look at my bike and work on my "to do " list for the awesome Foundation that had the, courage maybe, to ask me to be their Social Media Coordinator, Motorcycle Travel America Foundation.

You guys should all join! Help us get out membership up so we can get the attention of sponsors, and sponsors love numbers! So many people can be helped through this Foundation. Click here, go to the join link and use the referral code Biker Babe or Diva. Easy!

I don't get money or anything, just big smiles, and chances to walk around in my stuff, ya know?
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  1. You really are an absolute biker babe, I hope that the weather holds myself so you get as many awesome days as possible for biking!

  2. Sorry about the fall. You're never down for long, though! I love your spirit!