Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So What Really Sparked SUV vs Biker Attack?

Everyone's heard of it, many have seen the videos, but what really started the melee on September 29th, 2013, between the "thug bikers," and the "innocent" driver of the Range Rover? What led up to the biker with the camera turning it on?

What you don't see in many news articles is that the "victim" of the incident allegedly threw a water bottle out of his opened sun roof at the bikers, CBS news reported on October 10th.

It's also not widely known that the driver of the Range Rover ran over and injured riders, one severely, and tried to flee the scene. Video shows it was then that the bikers surrounded the Range Rover, apparently in the attempt to keep him from taking off.

In the biker group there were at least three NYPD police officers as well. How many people know that? Not many. Public consensus seems to be that a thug gang of bikers attacked and beat an innocent man.

Alexian Lien, the man in the Range Rover, allegedly started what led to being covered in the national news portraying him as the victim. While millions of people have seen what happened to Alexian Lien, very few seem to have seen what happened to the severely injured biker Lien ran over and left on the road. Family members say the injured biker suffered two broken legs, spinal injuries and is perhaps paralyzed,

 "Lien's injuries included two black eyes, multiple cuts to his face that required stitches, and injuries to his hands, back and right shoulder, according to criminal complaint."  Lien was treated and released immediately, while his crime may have left a biker permanently debilitated.

While, in my opinion, some of the bikers, including at least one police officer were clearly out of control and engaged in criminal behavior, so did Alexian Lien. Yet what we mostly hear is that Lien was the only victim, it's simply not true.

Not all bikers engage in road rage, or criminal behavior, just as not all drivers of cars do. but, guys, look at all the facts before jumping to conclusions. Do your own research, don't be fed by what you hear and your ignorance, not only of this incident, but of all situations.

Not all bikers are "gang" members, not all drivers engage in hit and run.

We, as a society, need to stop stereotyping. Usually, we don't know the entire truth. 

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  1. Interesting story, and it does give information not shared before that I've seen anywhere. It seemed pretty cut and dried, creepy little biker punks scared the hell out of a man and his family for no reason then hit a couple trying to get away. If that were al lit was and I was in the 4x4, I would have done something similar to protect my family. However, if he threw a water bottle and hit a rider, that's a whole different scenario. To drag him out and assault him was carrying it too far and the cops should have stepped in, undercover or not. It's understandable though.

    1. I'm not casting stones, just saying the whole truth should be told. Things are deliberately kept out of the spotlight.

  2. Here also in Brazil most of the worst accidents always talk about the biker ... need to stop stereotyping

    1. I could not disagree with you more on this subject. I've been riding for 45 years now and these guys were assholes. I do not agree that he started it - they started with when they started riding likes jerks and the rider pulled over in front of him about 1 foot off his front bumper and hit his brakes.

  3. Just insane Biker Babe, like you say they really do need to stop stereotyping, then again I guess shows like Sons of Anarchy while being badass and awesome don't help with the perception of bikers and gangs haha!